The Fear Street Relaunch is an ongoing continuation of the Fear Street series started in 2014. It is the first new series since the 2005 Fear Street Nights trilogy which had been published nine years prior. The first book is considered #52 and would come before #51 Trapped which was published 17 years earlier back in 1997. The books have more pages than the original 1990s books. This series is published through St. Martin's Griffin.


  1. /52. Party Games - September 30th 2014
  2. /53. Don't Stay Up Late - April 7th 2015
  3. /54. The Lost Girl - September 29th 2015
  4. /55. Can You Keep a Secret? - April 12th 2016
  5. /56. The Dead Boyfriend - September 27th 2016
  6. /57. Give Me a K-I-L-L - April 4th 2017

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