New Fear

The Fear Street Sagas are a spin-off of the The Fear Street Saga trilogy released in 1993. The series was released by Simon Pulse and Golden Books from 1996 to 1999, for a total of 16 books.

It is either publication date error or intended that the last six books were all released on New Year's Eve 1999 to celebrate the year 2000.


Each book is set mainly around the focused on individual Fear family members, or an acquaintance of them in the past. These books were known to be far more gorier and violent than the regular series.


1. A New Fear - March 1st 1996

2. House of Whispers - June 1st 1996

3. Forbidden Secrets - September 1st 1996

4. The Sign of Fear - September 1st 1997

5. The Hidden Evil - February 1st 1997

6. Daughters of Silence - April 1st 1997

7. Children of Fear - June 1st 1997

8. Dance of Death -  August 1st 1997

9. Heart of the Hunter - October 1st 1997

10. The Awakening Evil - December 1st 1997

11. Circle of Fire - December 31st 1999

12. Chamber of Fear - December 31st 1999

13. Faces of Terror - December 31st 1999

14. One Last Kiss - December 31st 1999

15. Door of Death - December 31st 1999

16. The Hand of Power - December 31st 1999

Unpublished booksEdit

Two additional entries called The Raven Woman Carousel of Fear were advertised but not published. R. L. Stine would later confirm through Twitter that they were never written.

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