001 Lets Party

Fear Street Seniors is a 12 part series released between 1998-1999 to focus on the deadly Senior Year for students at Shadyside High. It is considered a sub-series of Fear Street Super Chillers.

The series is notable for featuring class photos included in each book with an X marked for each character that died during the previous books.

Oddly enough, book 9 is reported to have been published a days after books 10 and 11. Book 2's date is unclear.

It is unclear what social impact the series had concerning the Columbine massacre as the last book was still able to be published only 13 days after the tragic event.


  1. Let's Party! - May 27th 1998
  2. In Too Deep - ?
  3. The Thirst -  July 24th 1998
  4. No Answer - August 18th 1998
  5. Last Chance - September 21st 1998
  6. The Gift - November 24th 1998
  7. Fight, Team, Fight! - December 1st 1998
  8. Sweetheart, Evil Heart - December 14th 1998
  9. Spring Break - February 16th 1999
  10. Wicked - February 9th 1999
  11. The Prom Date - February 9th 1999
  12. Graduation Day - May 3rd 1999

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