The Fear Street series was created by R.L. Stine in 1989, beginning with The New Girl, and ending with Trapped in 1997, and consists of 51 novels. (Although The Stepbrother is often considered the last book of the series, it is technically the first book of the series New Fear Street.) The series is primarily set in a fictional version of the real-life town of Shadyside, Ohio. The titular Fear Street is named for a former prominent couple in Shadyside, Simon and Angelica Fear, who moved there in the 19th century. The Fear family was often the topic of dark rumors, and the street and houses on it are considered cursed and creepy. Several of the characters in the novels live on Fear Street or have to come to Fear Street for various reasons. While several novel villains live on Fear Street, other characters live there due to various reasons, such as a loss of income or wanting to renovate the old houses.
Fear Street The New Girl


While the various novels have different plots and situations, the primary plot is typically that the hero or heroine and their friends discover or become part of a dangerous mystery. Occasionally there is a supernatural cause for it, but they are most often perpetrated by a person that the hero or heroine meets/knows in the novel. The series often uses real life situations that teens experience, such as loss of friendships, aggression from ex-romantic partners, and bullying as plot points.

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